The Cadleys

New Acoustic, Traditional Roots.

The Cadleys | Duets and Ballads


The Cadleys | Duets and Ballads Released in 2019

The Cadleys | Duets and Ballads Released in 2019

Everybody has a favorite song. We have lots of them and we’ve included our top 11 here. The other three represent our own contribution to the rich mountain tradition of duet singing. But the rest are songs you just can’t beat, old and new, songs we’ve always wanted to record because they just feel so good to sing. We hope you get the same feeling listening to them.

Vocals: John and Cathy Cadley
Lead / Rhythm guitar: Clay Hess, Cathy Cadley (Over the Rainbow)
Mandolin: Clay Hess
Bass: Irl Hees, John Dancks (Over the Rainbow)
Fiddle: Tim Crouch
Dobro: Randy Kohrs
Banjo: Clay Hess, Cathy Cadley (Little Birdie)

Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Clay Hess.
©2019 Caitie Mae Records